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all you need to suceed. TRANSACTION. SECURITY. INVEST.

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Digital currency payment system via MTS Card


Digital currency payment system via MTS Card


We provide high levels of sercurity to all users


We provide high levels of sercurity to all users


Make your money work for you by investing in MTS.


Make your money work for you by investing in MTS.


Get your money moving, transactions that won't let you down.

Meta Pay Card.
Introducing Meta Pay - a global payment method for Meta Plus Coin holders. Extract your Meta Pay card for easy daily purchases and exciting rewards.
MTS Payment Mehtod.
The Meta Plus Payment Method, powered by MTS, is gaining popularity for global transactions. Businesses worldwide trust its convenience, security, and efficiency.
Lifetime Free Transaction.
Experience lifetime free transactions with MTS. Our innovative blockchain tech ensures seamless, fast, and secure transfers.
pay with MTS CARD.


SECURITY is the name of the game. Play it safe.

Protect The Identity.
Our industry-leading security measures, including advanced encryption and biometric verification.
Security Over Money.
Security comes first at Meta Plus. We use advanced encryption and two-factor authentication.
Timestamp Server.
Our timestamp server is top notch, providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability for all your crypto needs.
Reclaiming Disk Space.
Maximize the performance of your Meta Plus wallet with our simple cleanup tool.


SECURITY is the name of the game. Play it safe.

June 1, 2023 (12:00PM GMT)
January 25, 2024 (9:00AM GMT)
Acceptable currencies
Number of tokens for sale
62.500.000 MTS
Stage 1 | Price & Benefit
1 USDT = 125 MTS | 150 % Profit > last stage
Minimal transaction amount
5 USDT -> ( BNB | ETH )
Jun 01 - Jun 30

1.5 M

$0.008 | MTS

Jul 01 - Jul 31

2.5 M

$0.01 | MTS

Aug 01 - Aug 31

4.5 M

$0.012 | MTS

Sep 01 - Sep 30

8.0 M

$0.014 | MTS

Oct 01 - Oct 31

12.0 M

$0.016 | MTS

Nov 01 - Nov 30

14.0 M

$0.018 | MTS

Dec 01 - Dec 31

20.0 M

$0.02 | MTS

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Meta Plus. for the community.
Embrace the power of Meta Plus Token, a crypto currency with a purpose. We offer you a unique opportunity to take charge of your financial future while contributing to positive global change. Our commitment to transparency and empowerment sets us apart. Join our community of forward-thinking individuals and let's shape a more sustainable and equitable world TOGETHER.

Better World

Small actions can have a big impact – and that’s what we’re all about.

Way to Success

Success isn’t just a destination – it’s a journey we take with you.

Follow one Dream

hope is magical – just like your dreams. Let us help you bring them to life.

Blockchain & Future

Innovating for a better future through blockchain technology.

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for the community


Creating value for all.


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Real Estate investment




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Way to a better tomorrow.


We are proud of our great team. The most motivated and enthusiastic people - always ready for SUPERPOWER.

Achieve SUPERHERO status in the crypto world with our 'EXPRESS SUPERPOWER' team. - Love for the community.
Unlock your coin's SUPERHERO potential with our 'CREATE SUPEROWER' team. Experts in Inhouse-Management and Product Development.


Way to a better tomorrow.

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Creating value for all.

What is MTS and how does it work? Dive into the details!

Meta Plus Token is not just a random digital currency like many currencies in this market, but rather it is the result of thoughtful and organized work and the fruit of many years of experience in this field, behind which is an experienced team that has enough experience and determination to reach the limits of the sky with you and even more.


The Meta Plus Token is the official token of the Meta Plus global electronic trading group, and it will be one of the most important means of payment in this group and the electronic portal that currently connects more than 4 largest retail stores around the world such as Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Ebay.


MTS will also be a means of payment in international, regional and local commercial transactions and will be used by many companies and financial institutions.


The Meta Plus Token project will not stop at this point, but rather it will be a global payment method used all over the world through the Meta Pay card that will be issued, which enables all Meta Plus Coin holders to extract Meta Pay bank cards and enable them to use them in daily purchases such as A cup of hot coffee in the morning or lunch in a shopping mall or to book tickets for a travel trip and a lot of daily life requirements, and Meta Plus Token holders will be unique to this card only.

How do you buy MTS?

During the ICO period, seize the opportunity to purchase MTS coin directly through our official website.


This exclusive window allows you to be part of our groundbreaking cryptocurrency from the very beginning. Don’t miss out on securing your share of MTS and joining our community of forward-thinking investors. Head over to our website now and become an early adopter of the future of digital currency.

What factors contribute to the rising value of MTS and its potential?

Experience the soaring value of MTS as demand from investors and companies skyrockets. With its limited supply, MTS is poised to break through the $3 barrier by the end of 2025.


Don’t miss your chance to be part of this upward trend and secure your potential for substantial growth. Join our MTS community today and ride the wave of success towards a prosperous future.

What should I do if I lose my MTS tokens?

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered in the unfortunate event of losing any of your MTS coins. Our commitment to your security extends to guaranteeing the safe recovery and return of your lost tokens.


Simply reach out to our dedicated support department, and they will guide you through the process of reclaiming your lost coins. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

MISSION - A better World

The crypto world may be full of danger, but with us on your side, you've got nothing to fear.

Our Vision
Imagine a world where you don't have to rely on big banks or governments for your financial security. That's the future we're building with our vision. We see a world where crypto is the new standard, and blockchain technology is the key to unlocking it.
Our Values
At our core, we believe in doing what's right. But let's be real, sometimes you gotta get your hands dirty to save the day. That's why we're not afraid to bend the truth a little if it means taking down the bad guys. We believe in doing what's necessary to achieve a better world.
Our Impact
We're not just another crypto company, we're a SUPERHEROES! Our impact is about disrupting the status quo and creating a world where innovation and creativity reign supreme. Mission accomplished? Nah, we're just getting started.
Get Involved
We're not here to do things the same old way. We're here to break the rules, shatter expectations, and change the world. We're a movement with SUPERPOWER and we're just getting started. Join our mission and let's get to work!

META PLUS is waiting for you!

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